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Custom Orthotics

No matter how good your footwear ....


Often things have just gone too far and your foot requires permanent support. It might not be a huge adjustment, but to help remove the forces that your foot endures during everyday activity, an orthotic will help


By off-loading the affected painful area, an orthotic gives you more opportunity to recover. 

Customised orthotics can fit into fashion shoes, trainers, work and dress shoes - any enclosed shoe style. We can make it to fit your foot and your footwear. In order to make your orthotics we will need an impression or scan of your foot which your podiatrist will take, plus your height, weight, systemic conditions such as diabetes, injury history and the shoes you wish to fit them too.


Your appointment will be to diagnose your pain condition, assess the type of correction your need often using our gait analysis system, plus a rehabilitation programme to help rebuild your strength

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