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Fungal Nails


Discoloured, crumbling nails may be due to fungal infection. Most infected nails we see are chronic, having been infected for many years, often despite your best efforts.


Fungal nails are hard to treat and many people come to us after trying every product on the pharmacy shelf. If this is you then please come and see us for the best advice for little more than you will spend on your next over the counter antifungal solution.


Most of the products available to you are of little use for chronic fungal nail infection. Our podiatrist will give you advice suitable to your condition, detail the difference between the medications that can have an impact and those that cannot and how best for you to proceed with your home treatments. We will even detail the expected success rates for the treatments we advise you on.


We offer a service to help rid your nails of the fungal infection, we will give you an honest assessment of likelihood of success, what to expect during treatment and provide you with solutions that are fungicidal and most likely to have an impact on the infection.


Fungal Nail Fenestration technique

Chronic Fungal Nail

Discoloured and crumbling - we can help you improve the health of your nails.


Cutting back the infected areas of nail and applying the correct medicated solution is the next step.

Fenestration Technique

Jan 2017, this client came to us with a thickened mycotic 1st nail. We advised the fenestration technique.

The nail was thinned out and the holes applied.

Nail Fenestration to address infection

In some cases the best intervention is to drill small holes into the nail in order to apply the most effective anti fungal agent.

It does not hurt!

The End Result

This is the same client above, same nail approx 5 months later. With commitment it is possible to resolve fungal infection

Not every case requires this kind of intervention. We will advise you as to the best course of action to take and we give you plenty of time to consider your options.


There is no 100% effective cure for fungal nail. Your options range from prescription oral medication to 'do nothing'. What ever you decide we will help you to get the best results possible.

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