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We can give you new nails!

If you are unhappy with the look, shape or condition of your nails in any way then please do book a time to speak to us and explore your options. We use Wilde Pedique light curing nail gel to build new nails for you that are long lasting, robust and great looking.

Damaged and not growing

Trauma and abnormal growth

Fungal, thin or thick

And here is the end result - all these cases were seen in 2017

Cover it up for 6 weeks+

Cut, file and paint your nails as normal

Looking normal again

Please read the blurb....

In order to acheive the best results you must have some nail for the resin to adhere to.

Your nail is prepped first, this might include filing it down or shaping it.


We then simply build up your nail to the desire length, shape and thickness. The resin is hard wearing, has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial qualities and is safe to use where fungal infection has been in the nail. It is not a cure for fungal nail, but offers a safe and long lasting cover up ideal for special occasions and holidays.


Once you have your new nail, you can file it, cut it and paint it if you so wish. It lasts approximately 6 - 10 weeks if you look after it well.

Your own nail will grow naturally underneath and push your 'false' nail forward, it will leave a gap at the cuticle edge but this can be filed over and neatened with 4-6 weekly visits to the Foot Clinic. We can show you how to manage this yourself.


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