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How to manage thickening nails

It can be very frustrating having thickening nails, sometimes growing in all the wrong directions!


Don't worry, we are able to help bring these tricky nails under control and make them more manageable for you


There are numerous reasons why nails thicken - past trauma, age related conditions, fungal infection - all can contribute to thickening nails.


We treat thickened nails as part of our rountine chiropody package.

We will cut and file all your nails, but pay particular attention to those nails that are causing discomfort or concern due to the increasing depth.


It is important for diabetics to ensure that nails do not become too thick as the increase in pressure at the toe end can cause tissue stress and ulceration under the nail.


So, do not delay and book today and get the right treatment for your nail conditions.

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