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Treatment for Verruca offered at the Foot Clinic


A new and painless treatment, Verrutop has a 70%+ efficacy on planter (verruca) and plamer (hand) warts. The solution applied to the filed verruca dessicates the area and, along with some at home applications, dries the verruca which shrivels and leaves the epidermis without scaring.


Safe on chilrden 6years +, Verrutop is especially effective against proninent 'cauliflower' like presentation of verruca. Patients must have an initial consultation to check appropriateness for this treatment. Please book either your first or follow up Chiropody appointment to discuss and receive your first treatment


Verrutop cost is £50 for treatment of up to 3 verruca. Clients will have to commit to 3 treatments spaced 2 weeks apart. Consultation fee for follow up applications £15

Verruca Needling 

Needling Verrucae has been around since the 1960s but is less well known than some of the topical applicaitons of acids / caustics that gained traction after its development. the treatment works by repetedly needling and trauming the lesion, so promoting a localised immune response. Your immune system then takesn over and resolution is noted up to 6 months later.


Falkners is an effective method of removing stubborn and deep verruca, notably in adults it requires a local aneasthetic to the verrruca and a trained health professional to 'needle' the lesion.  Research demonstrates 70% efficacy, with resolution taking up to 6 months. treatment is for 1 verruca - but multiple lesions will resolve if one lesion only is treated.


To consider this treatment option please book aroutine chiropody appointment either as a new patient or a follow up appointment for existing clients.


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