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Effective verruca treatment - Needling


Needling verrucae has been around since the 1960s but is less well known than some of the topical applications of acids / caustics that gained traction after its development.

The treatment works by repetedly needling and trauming the lesion, so promoting a localised immune response. Your immune system then takes over and resolution is noted approximately 6 months later.


Verruca - May 21



Needling is an effective method of removing stubborn and deep verruca, notably in adults and requires a local aneasthetic to the verrruca and a trained health professional to 'needle' the lesion.  Research demonstrates 70% efficacy, with resolution taking up to 6 months. treatment is for 1 verruca - but multiple lesions will resolve if one lesion only is treated.

Verruca September 21

How to book your assessment and Verruca Needling


To consider this treatment option please book a routine chiropody appointment either as a new patient or a follow up appointment for existing clients. It is important that the podiatrist assesses your suitability for this treatment.



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Verruca Needling - all you need to know
Falknor's Needling is a quick and effective way of treating unwanted and stubborn verruca and warts.
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