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Heel and Arch Pain

How long have you put up with heel and arch pain?


Too Long? So why put off coming to speak to someone who is trained to assess and manage your foot pain?


Your initial assessment will take approximately 45 minutes. We take a full history and assess the quality and range of motion in your feet. Our podiatrist will assess both feet, even if you have pain in only one.


Treatments always start with rehabilitation - simple exercises that you can do in your normal every day activities. These are extremely important to help build up the strength within your feet and aid your recovery.

We send exercises, including demonstrations and instructions, to you in an easy to follow format that you can store on your phone or laptop.


Customised Orthotics

It may be beneficial to you to use orthotic control for both your rehabilitation and healing. Your podiatrist can take an impression or scan of your feet and submit your presciption to an orthotic technician. This process takes up to 10 working days.


We further offer a range of in house off the shelf orthotic and insole options, to help tide you over until your customised orthotics arrive, or as a temporary solution for more acute pain.


There is no magic wand that will make your foot pain go away immediately. Despite what the marketers might tell you!

Book your Foot Pain Assessment today and start your road to recovery and pain free feet


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