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Options for treating Chronic fungal infection of the nails

Infection of the nail that has gone beyond the cuticle area, requires intensive intervention. We can still assist you with some or all of the following:

Referral for oral medication for Fungal Nail infection


Where infection is chronic, one option is to take a systemic medication, prescribed by your GP. Prior to prescribing you will need to supply a sample of the infected nail and undergo a blood test. It is your GPs responsibility to assess your suitability for this medication.


We can provide you with a correctly taken and stored sample of nail for mycology,

we can send off you sample for testing and provide you with the results, and

we will write to your GP with our professional opinion on your nail condition espeically if sample taking is not possible.


Total Nail Avulsion followed by topical solutions


Removing the nail is often an option. Fungal infection can destroy your nail and removing the remaining nail is a minor operation.


Under local anaesthetic, which your podiatrist can do, we remove the nail unit and apply a dressing. Over the following weeks, whilst the nail grows back an antifungal preparation is applied. Success rate is high but intervention for fungal infection of the skin is required.

Cover it up!


For the short term we can provide a gel resin nail, customised for you, that looks and feels like a true nail


These can last for up to 8 weeks (often longer) and are the perfect solution for the short term to infected or damaged nails


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