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Treatment for Mild and Progressive fungal nail infection

Topical treatment of both nail and skin

Resolution of fungal nail infection from start to finish.


Our client (above) came to us for help in September 2018.

Following an assessment and finding out what treatment pathway suited the client best, treatment began.


Treatment: topical nail and skin preparation, regular debridement of the nail and review of progress

Total 5 visits over 10 months

Nail fenestration - the hole punch method

Resolution of fungal nail infection from start to finish - images 1 and 2

Holes are drilled into the nail plate at the point of the infeciton - image 3


A quick and easy solution to fungal nail is to drill holes through the nail plate and apply a fungicidal solution to the nail daily. We review every 8 - 12 weeks, cleaning out the 'holes' to ensure the solutions can access the nail bed.


Treatment: topical spray preparation plus skin creams with regular review of the nail holes and resolution progress

Total 3 visits over 6 months


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