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Fungal Nail Treatment options 

Mild fungal infection

Catching infection early is the best way to resolve infection.


Mild infections respond well to topical applications of fungicidal solutions.


Ensuring that preparations reach the affected nail bed requires regular intervention

Chronic fungal infection

100% coverage or infection that clearly goes beyond the cuticle area - this is the most difficult to treat.


Options for treatment are GP prescribed medications and nail removal plus topical solutions and nail management.

Progressive fungal infection

Less than 50% of the nail affected - not reaching as far as the cuticle line? This is progressive infection, not quite out of the reach of topical solutions and worth immediate intervention to prevent the condition from worsening

What about your skin?

Fungal nail is secondary to Athlete's Foot and dry, flaking skin on the feet is often seen alongside fungal nail conditions.


We offer a range of skin treaments which we advise to be used alongside your nail treatment


Please read:

Fungal nail infection presents in different ways depending on both the treatments and interventions to date, and how long the condition has been in situ.


Treatments are all based on the evidence available and our podiatrist will share that information with you.


Treatments are assessed according to the progression of the infection: Mild; Progressive and Chronic


We offer nail sample / clippings for mycology and culture, we can arrange for testing or you can take your sample to the GP for testing. Taking a sample is not always straight forward. We charge for this service, for the correct carrier and for taking clippings at the heart of the infection.


If you wish to bring your own carrier and take away the clippings from your treatment session then we make no charge for this. 


There is no one treatment that will cure fungal nail - it takes commitment from you and from your podiatrist. It is a joint effort.


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