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We are probably all familiar with verruca! Either we have had them as children, or we are aware of the treatments as advertised on TV. For the facts on verruca please read  and then, for further help and support, book an appointment with your podiatrist.


You can now book an appointment specifically to discuss verruca and treatment options




Verruca treatments are tricky!


Verruca and warts are difficult to cure and sometimes surprising when they self resolve. Self resolution in children is more common. Verruca are stubborn to eradicate in adults.


All treatments for verruca are designed to cause trauma to the verruca, and pasat treatment using acids often caused destruction to normal tissue, meaning that they were sore for days after treatment. Treatment was often repeated many times and still verruca did not resolve


Times have changed 

We no longer support treatments that cause unnecssary pain, blistering or other wounds.


When you visit the Foot Clinic your podiatrist will discuss with you the treatments available, the efficacy of each and what you can expect from treatment. Verruca present in different ways, and often treatment options are defined by the type of Verruca you have.


At the Foot Clinic we advocate several treatments including verruca needling, microwave therapy and conservative management. 

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